Monday, December 07, 2009


(Natalie, Denise, and Mary)

Sunday afternoon we held our annual Christmas Tea and teacup exchange. This year, Darleen opened her home to hostess the event and we were all so grateful for her hospitality and the warmth of her festive decor. I must say that her Christmas tree was spectacular with hundreds upon hundreds of ornaments, extending all the way through the tree's branches, filling it out to become a show place of sparkling jewel tones, making for one spectacular blown glass ornament extravaganza. Tea was served at 3PM, or perhaps more like 3:30 since we were all rather caught up admiring one another's hats and attire. After all, it was Afternoon Tea and why rush something so beautiful and lovely? Our Tea menu was as follows: artichoke and roasted red pepper tarts, cranberry scones served with lemon curd and Fayette Cream( our mock Devonshire Cream), chicken olive tea sandwiches, olive-nut tea sandwiches, pimento cheese tea sandwiches, chess bars, chocolate chip banana nut bread, chocolate chip cookies, pineapple cake, and Victoria Sponge Cake. Our teas were: Ceylon, Elmwood Inn Black Rose, and Earl Grey.

(In deep conversation...actually, I think this was about Master and Commander and the Aubrey-Maturin series by Patrick O'Brian..LOL!!)

(Polly and Caroline)

(I did manage to stop making pots of tea long enough to at least get a shot of Natalie's wonderful Victoria Sponge Cake, as shown here in the photo with Polly in front of the beautiful tree. As you can see, we had already begun to devour this treat:)

(Darleen, our lovely hostess for the afternoon)

(Denise and her large tea cup which we all agreed would be perfect for a huge cuppa English Breakfast)

(LHTS: Bottom row-Mary, Polly, Darleen~ Back row- Denise,Rebecca,Natalie and Caroline so graciously took the photo.)

After we spent two hours chatting,laughing,eating,laughing some more, and relishing just being in the company of friends, we retired to the living room with a pot of Earl Grey and had our teacup exchange for the final hour. It is quite a treat to anticipate that each year you will be getting a special teacup from a friend. We do so look forward to this particular event.

Now, on to planning the Tea Blending for January, and St. Valentine's Tea...


Anonymous said...

My Bebecca,
How lovely and what a nice group of tea lovers. It is so nice to have friends and enjoy with them a good cup of tea... Earl Grey taboot! I'm sure it was enjoyed by one and all. Aren't friends the best!
The Bach

Anonymous said...

Oh Rebecca... I can't remember if I thanked you for the website to your music you have played on your blog.... I was thanking you on one of your post and my computer locked up.. so I don't know if it posted or not... anyway you so much... that Wexfor Carol is playing right now... how beautiful!
The Bach

ZipZipInkspot said...

Dear Rebecca,
We had such fun yesterday, and I am still fluttering happily around today, despite the dull and bone-chilling weather. What being with friends will do!
Hugs, Natalie

Anonymous said...

Oh Rebecca how lovely. All of the girls look wonderful and the goodies and tea. We have teas at Old Ky Home and Wickland Historic Home. I used to go but have cut way back on my socializing. Love to stay home and paint. Check out my post for Tuesday Dec. 8th. See if you know what it is.

Rebecca said...

Thank you Bach! We had a wonderful time.

Yes, you certainly did thank me, and you are most welcome. I am honored that you love it so.

Rebecca said...

Me, too Natalie! I had to drive to Nicholasville for a school art show earlier, in the sleet, but it was fun when I got there.

Have a lovely Christmas and hug your beautiful boys for me!


Rebecca said...


Why, thank you very much..I will make my way over to your blog to check your post out....OOh..Have you been to Rose Haven? I've heard that's a lovely Tearoom, but haven't made it over that way yet.

LadyCat said...

It looks like you had a grand time! I really like the variety of blue and white tea cups. Did you have any blue willow in there? It is my favorite pattern. When I was young I won a beautiful blue willow tea set in a drawing at a local jewelry store. My Mother displayed it in our china cabinet for a while and then gave it to a neighbor who admired it. My Mother was very generous that way.
I'm very interested in you tea sandwiches...especially the chicken olive and pimento cheese tea sandwiches. Do you have the recipes to share?

LadyCat said...

Oh...I forgot to mention..I like your new picture. Very chic!

Rebecca said...


I don't believe the hostess had any blue willow, except for a cream and sugar set on the table. I have a collection, myself. I, too love it and how very kind and generous of your mother to do that. It warms the heart to hear stories of such generosity.

I tried to click under your profile to email you. If you will send our email address, I will happily share the recipes for the sandwiches. I didn't make the pimento cheese ones, but have a great recipe for them. The olive chicken recipe came from an Elmwood Inn cookbook as did the tarts.

Have a lovely evening up in Indiana. It's been raining virtually all day here.

...mmm... said...

Everything sounds divine. That Victoria Sponge looks good too. How yummy and what a lovely time it looks like you all had. Great photos. Love those hats.

Cranberry scone, lemon curd and "Fayette Cream" (not heard that before) all sounds perfect. Boy, if only some REAL men wanted to have a gentlemanly sit down tea here. No, it would never fly in the land of hunters, beer drinkers and football fans, sorry to say. Ha. Well, at least I like coffee and at least I can always find a Starbucks for a creamy smooth latté or a London Fog.

Protege said...

I love the pictures and the sentiment, absolutely lovely.;)
I found you through the comment you left in regards to my comment on The Bach's site.;) You have a lovely blog.;)

LadyCat said...

...mmm...REAL men DO like least in my definition of real men. The hunters and football fans are not my cup of tea : )

Rebecca said...

Welcome and please feel free to stop by often for a cuppa. It's lovely meeting you.

MMM, REAL Men Drink Tea! Now, that's a catch phrase that I could whole heartedly get behind! And, believe me, the sort you mentioned are in great abundance here as well. How terribly sad that some might consider that a litmus test for masculinity...:(...

Lady Cat, you took the words right out of my mouth! REAL men are not intimidated by refinement and graciousness, but are active participants in such. I have no doubt that Mr. Toast and your Bach would be right at home at our Teas:..)No doubt whatsoever.

...mmm... said...

I have no doubt that Mr Bach and Mr. Toast would very much enjoy a good cuppa together in fact, exuding massive amounts of masculinity as we talk about the finer things in life. Ha. Thank you, LadyCat, Rebecca!

Brian Miller said...

how cool...i was at a tea party recently in the new header as well.

FireLight said...

Rebecca, this was just totally I write, Loreena is singing...then followed by The Dance of the SugarPlum Fairy & the snow coming down seem in synchronicity ...and your account of the your tea party have just warmed my soul! And....yes...Yorkshire Gold...I am about to brew a little pot myself! Thank you for the music...I don't want to leave!!

prashant said...

that Wexfor Carol is playing right now... how beautiful!

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