Sunday, January 06, 2013

Downton Returns...

...and I couldn't be more thrilled!...Oh, the excitement of having something of good quality to watch on television again. After Call The Midwife ended a few weeks ago, I had to continue to feed my addiction to good British television so I began watching To The Manor Born from the beginning through to the 2007 25th anniversary special. What a wonderful series that one was and one that I think Tea Society readers and Anglophiles in general would adore!

I am so grateful to PBS for bringing the best in British programming to American audiences who are longing for a bit of escapism from the realities of modern society. We could certainly take a lesson or two from our British friends in this area( and a few others as well). Do we really need yet another singing competition or so-called "Reality Series" where people make complete buffoons of themselves before all the world to see? Perhaps the real tragedy in that is that they are actually
rewarded by society for their lack of manners, morals and decency...Not my cup of tea at all, thank you! ;-)...

Come 9PM this very evening, I will be firmly planted in my chair in the family room, tartan throw wrapped for additional warmth, and a piping hot cup of Russian Caravan tea to indulge( actually, make that a glass of Pinot Noir ;-)...I will be watching in delicious anticipation of what will become of Mr. Bates and Anna. Will the real murderer be revealed? I wonder if Matthew and Lady Mary will finally wed and I truly hope that Thomas and O'Brien will finally get what's coming to them. But most of all, I cannot wait to watch Dame Maggie Smith trade delightfully witty banter with Shirley MacLaine. What a laugh that will certainly be!

Until next time...Enjoy the season three premiere. If you have not yet begun to watch, get thee to Netflix or PBS streaming straight away! You truly are missing out on an addiction which is nothing short of marvelous...:).