Tuesday, July 20, 2010


(View of the East Battery)

(Spire top of St. Michael's Church..The Holy City)

(Cherry Grove Beach, South Carolina )

Hello Friends...Well, it's time for a bit of a blogging break...I will be away this weekend through next week but hope to resume regular blogging when I return. It's time to spend a couple of days in my favorite Southern City, Charleston, South Carolina, and then a week up the coast at Cherry Grove Beach. Farewell, for now...and enjoy lots of iced tea while you eagerly wait for the temperatures to cool.

Monday, July 05, 2010


It's a new week and another CT offering for this summer. The theme for this one was snack. I snack on chex mix but didn't feel inspired to draw that. However, I also love to snack on fruit and figured a couple of Bing cherries might work well for this. I used pen and ink again, my current favorite medium, and drew and shaded with stippling. There's some line drawing found around the stems and the form of the cherries. It's fun to alternate from line to stippling to give it a bit more depth and to play with the values in an unusual way.

Make sure to check out all the CT entries and look for the montage this week to see what the new theme will be.

Happy snacking!