Tuesday, December 07, 2010


( Darleen opened her lovely home to the Tea Society for our Tea Cup exchange)

Sunday was certainly the day for special tea events. Not only did I attend Mr. Toast’s wonderful Christmas Tea in Scotland but I also found myself at our Tea Society Christmas Tea in Lexington, Kentucky. Wow…Two teas within a 24 hour period on two different continents..Hum…isn’t that some sort of record? ;)

Of course everyone in the blogosphere is still abuzz over our tea adventure at Torosay castle on the Isle of Mull but we also had a delightful late afternoon tea a bit closer to home and on a much smaller scale. Every year we have an annual member’s only tea cup exchange for Christmas. It was truly a wonderful relaxing afternoon spent in laughter and wonderful conversation among cherished friends and over the greatest drink on the planet, tea of course. And best of all, you always end up bringing home a special tea cup! I will post a glimpse at the Spode tea cups that I received in a future post. Thank you, Natalie!

(A glimpse at some of the delicious tea fare we enjoyed)

(The ladies deep in conversation)

(Darleen's amazing glass ornament filled tree)

(One of members, Carolyn F., had to leave early to attend an advent service but those of use remaining were: Seated( Darleen, our hostess, Natalie- wearing her Edwardian inspired creation- standing, Polly, Rebecca( me)in the center and Caroline B.>)

Our menu this year was: Fresh baked cranberry scones with lemon curd( Yes they were warm and delicious!), artichoke and roasted red pepper savories, Sally Lunn tea sandwiches with a spinach /cheese filling, sun dried tomato sandwiches, cranberry nut sandwiches, mini raspberry cheesecakes, fresh baked cookies, peanut butter roll, pineapple and banana nut breads. The teas served were: Czar’s Samovar (a robust aromatic blend of Ceylon with dried currants), Elmwood Inn Rose, and Kentucky Blend (A perfect black tea best enjoyed with milk and sugar).

What a wonderful way to spend a cold, blustery December afternoon...and such a lovely way to kick off the holiday season.

Friday, December 03, 2010


My dashing date is wearing Armani

My Evening Tea Gown is from Terani Couture( Recommended by Anne Hathaway)

Read below to catch up on the weekend adventure in Scotland

Scroll down below photos for a Saturday Update

Well, the grand weekend is upon us and I arrived at Glenbogle yesterday by rail.

After a rather bumpy ride in a rather beat up land rover through some snow-covered roads, Duncan McKay, the reliable yet rather clueless ranger and all around errand boy, managed to deliver me in one piece to the "stately" Glenbogle house.

I received a warm welcome from my charming host and date for the big Tea Event on Sunday, Archie MacDonald.

Here's a glimpse at some of my wardrobe on this adventure.

Happily, it seems the plumbing issues have been sorted since my last visit. There is in fact hot water in my private bath this time around and it actually runs clear! Yippee!!!..

There's not much time for leisure today. An art conservationist from Glasgow should be arriving any moment to help with the "authentication" of some of the paintings in question. That is, if we can manage to get Hector, Archie's father, to give us the key to the vault where they're being stored. He's up to something and doesn't want anyone to take a look at what he's got stashed away down there...hum...

Alas, I am looking forward to cocktails and dinner this evening. I think I'll need a couple! I chose this little number with a black wrap. Archie said that Hector will certainly approve...:)

Now...I just hope Lexie, the cook, will stop glaring at me. It seems she has a bit of a crush on the Laird and is not pleased at all with my arrival. Oh dear...yes, cocktails will be most welcome!

Stay tuned this weekend for our arrival at Torosay Castle on the Isle of Mull and for Sunday's big event. I'll reveal the final tea attire then.

What was in the Vault?

Well, we finally got the keys from Hector after Molly, Archie’s mother, knew where he was hiding them. She’s a gem! It seems Hector and his friend, Lord Kilwillie, had been hiding a 200 year old barrel of Malt Whiskey down there. Turns out, it may be worth quite a lot of money but Hector was afraid that Archie would want to sale it to help pay for some much needed repairs. Oh well…I think Archie may have won the first round, as he has seized the barrel and locked it away…However, I suspect this latest MacDonald debate is far from over.

Unfortunately, the paintings I was hired to authenticate were indeed forgeries…Quite good forgeries none the less but utter fakes. After all of the events today, Archie is not exactly in the best of moods so let’s hope the journey to Torosay castle and the grand Christmas Tea will get the woes of Glenbogle off his mind.

And, thank goodness Mr. Toast will have proper scones…Lexie’s were ice cold and as hard as bricks. I nearly broke a tooth on one this afternoon!

Until Sunday night my friends…

Most Teafully,