Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Tea Society Blog Returns!

It has been nearly a year since I stepped away from the Tea Society Blog( new title :). During that time, I wrote about my artwork at my other blog, Flora Symbolica, and my family and I moved north to Maryland. I left beloved friends and extended family behind in Kentucky to a life of the unfamiliar with the promise of change. Change, as most of my blog followers know, is not something that I generally welcome. I am most certainly a creature of habit. It goes without saying that some change is  welcome but other forms of change removes us from the comforts of the familiar and snatches us far from the places where we feel our happiest and our most content.

It is often said that our circumstances are what we make of them and that we can choose to be happy or not. I believe this, to a certain degree. Yet, I also know that when we are connected so deeply to some places and to certain people that when they are no longer there, we truly grieve their absence. It's very much a spiritual connection. To have that removed or distanced from our lives makes it rather difficult to choose to ignore the loss and put on a happy front.

While pondering all of this, I came to the rather obvious realization that when we are fortunate enough to be able to return to a place that makes us feel content, happy, and peaceful, then we should certainly celebrate that and do so, wholeheartedly! For me, that place, figuratively speaking, is this little corner of my own "virtual reality", right here at the Tea Society Blog. I have greatly missed sharing bits and pieces of Tea adventures along with the joy of connecting with kindred spirits across this vast globe. I honestly did not realize what a huge part of my life this blogging adventure had become, and what a chasm it left within me when I stopped frequenting this realm. This is my sanctuary, my place of bliss. This is a refuge of tranquility and contentment amid the sometimes stressful alternative known as everyday life. It is time to joyfully return to that place where I can escape and delve into the comforts of all things Tea-related and to marvel and relish those charming extra accompaniments to tea-culture. I hope my former blog followers will return for a cuppa with me and for many more tea-filled days of bliss.  How I have missed you.