Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Erato, Muse of Poetry, 1870 Sir Edward John Poynter

As I have written in past posts, every December I go through the very time consuming ritual of selecting the perfect Christmas Card. I am never content to merely browse the sale items, and I never go for glittery offerings. No, I gravitate towards rich, emotive art which speaks to me with its beauty, in hopes that it will do the same to the recipient. After searching for weeks, I finally met the one.

I was out in the city for an afternoon of shopping yesterday and saw the image, securely isolated away from the plethora of other paper spectacles, shining brightly as if to say,
“Rebecca, choose me! I am the one for you!”…
When I moved closer to the display table and reached to make the treasured selection, I heard the voices of two women. Their conversation fascinated me in the irony of that moment because, just as I was marveling in my festive celebratory quest and discovery, I heard one voice ponder to her friend, “Does anyone really send those anymore? It’s just such a waste of time and they just add to the clutter. Why bother?”

Taking a deep breath, I turned and smiled at her, clutching the box as I walked away. Mentally, I answered her question with,

“Yes, Ma’am, of course they do. Because there are still a few of us out there in this oh so ‘modern world’ who deeply cherish sending and receiving cards, taking the time to write letters (email or handwritten), and hold dear the sentiments of fondness, gratitude, and affection, no matter how small. “

Though you may not receive something directly in the post from me this year, due to existence in the blogosphere being what it is, I offer my carefully selected Christmas card to you. As the card reads inside, I am sincerely wishing each of you, “Blessings at Christmas.”



Betsy said...

Oh, what a sweet story! Good for you!

LadyCat said...

I love the photo of the Muse of Poetry. She looks so comtemplative...probably thinking about the next poem. I can't tell what she is holding in her hand, though.
Love your music from the "Nutcracker" that's playing now.

Bachelor said...

Love the story. Christmas card sending seems a hassel at times, but it is rewarding to the sender more than the receiver. What a beautiful card. Ladycat and I must finish up shopping this evening and Christmas cards are on the list. Enjoy writing them as in the song "White Christmas"!!
The Bach

Protege said...

My sentiments exactly!;)
I did send around thirty cards this year.;) In fact, I have a little ceremony each year, the second Sunday in Advent, when I write cards.
Otherwise to me nothing is more personal and precious than a hand written card or letter.;)
I am happy I am not alone.;)

Rebecca said...

Lady Cat,

I suspect her fingers are touching the top of a lyre...at least that's what it looks like to me.

Rebecca said...

Thanks Betsy and Bach...

Betsy, I'm still laughing over the poses for your family card photos..Too funny....

Bach, White Christmas? Oh...perfect..Now, I need to go and listen to that while I'm preparing them:)

Zuzana, I love your ritual of the second Sunday in Avent being your time to prepare them..That is a beautiful tradition.. There's a certain comfort in comraderie, isn't there?.:)

silk purse said...

Lovely! special ceremonies and Christmas traditions are so special!..,

Speaking of which , your ever so cordially invited to partake in our little Afternoon tea blog tea party; TUESDAY TEA FOR TWO ~ Our twelfth such weekly tradition and blog event.

Warm regards from Silken Purse @ The Plumed Pen

Queenmothermamaw said...

I love Erato too. I have been painting each card for the last couple of years, but this year finally figured out how to reproduce my homemade card on the computer. I will be sending it out soon. Some folds would just let all traditions mosey away, I guess. I am old fashioned still in so many ways.

ChaChaneen said...

I lurve to receive and send cards too! I hope those ladies receive a card that just knocks their socks off to turn that "untruth" around to "appreciation" of dear family and friends ~ near or far ~ that reached out to them.

Blessing Rebecca!

...mmm... said...

I love your card. it is so you somehow. Very classical. Well you may have wanted to say something to those ladies but simply smiling and grabbing them said volumes itself.

I am exactly the same way as you with cards. I keep looking until one says "I'm the one." I have to say I love my cards I got this year--from the V&A no less and so adorably English.

Thank you for this virtual card. I love it.

FireLight said...

Rebecca, my last post was about this same topic...finding the perfect card. I have a particularly favorite one from several years ago. On the day you posted this, I was totally immersed in giving and grading exams. This is the first time I have taken to visit here and thank you for my beautiful tea cup & saucer. I have been using it for my morning tea all this week. Thank you for including one of these exquisite cards and your personal tea blends as well!
I usually write my cards on Christmas night and Boxing Day after the flurry of activity settles down, and I love doing so!