Friday, August 01, 2008


Thank you to Kalianne at Bygone Beauty for this lovely Excellent Blog award...There are indeed countless excellent bloga out there. Many of my favorites have already received this award but I wanted to nominate some of you again just the same because your blogs are so wonderful:

I'm nominating:

Willow at Willow Manor- Need I say anything more? Willow Manor is really the blog that motivated me to actively update and maintain my blog. Willow has the most interesting and thought provoking posts. I always learn something new when visiting the manor. And, did I mention her fantastic photography?

Betsy-My Five Men- Some of the best recipes in Cyperspace seem to land here and Betsy is one of the most inspiring women that I've come across.

Fairmaiden at Sea Cottage- Serenity and bliss are the two words that best describe Fairmaiden's blog. Her cottage by the sea is absolutely enchanting...

Steviewren at A Little Birdie Told Me So- A very diverse and creative artist with a wonderful blog about her life, art, and other musings.

Barb- Stamplicity- A lovely new site with wonderfully creative vintage -inspired crafts.

and.... even though she nominated me for this, I love her blog so much that I'm bouncing one right back to her! So Kalianne, I want to second the nomination for Bygone Beauty:-)

Congratulations to the recipients!


Betsy said...

Rebecca ~ thank you! You always say something that encourages me!
Thanks for the award...and congrats to you for receiving definitely have an award-worthy blog! :)

willow said...

Oh, Rebecca, thank you!!! What a fun surprise...I am very flattered and honored.

And kudos to you on a very well deserved award. Your blog is a delight!!!

Barb said...

Hi Rebecca,
How kind of you - I'm honored!
Many thanks.
Wishing you an enjoyable week-end.

LL said...

Congratulations on your award Rebecca! Very well deserved indeed. And you have passed it on to some fine blogs indeed...

steviewren said...

Rebecca, You've caught me by surprise! Thank you so much for thinking of me for this honor. And congratulations to you too!

Marie Antionette said...

Rebecca,Congrats agai on this are very much deserving of it. Marie Antionette