Sunday, November 08, 2009


I stumbled upon a fun questionnaire at ChaChaneen’s blog and she gave me permission to post it over here. I thought the questions were interesting and gave a nice glimpse into the real people behind the blogs. I’d love to learn more about my fellow bloggers if they feel so inclined to answer some of these questions.

1. What is your favorite thing to snack on while you're blogging?
~I’m usually drinking tea and perhaps nibbling on a cracker. ~
2. What is one thing you wouldn't want to live without?

3. Beach, Mountains, or Farm? Where would you live if you had a choice?
~Of the three, I would say the beach but not your typical touristy place, rather an ancient coastal village with lots of colorful legends and history…
4. What's your least favorite chore/household duty?
~ I love to cook but hate doing dishes ~

5. Who do people say you remind them of?
~This is funny. I’ve been told that I could have been one of The Corrs - It must be the coloring.

6. Prefer parties and socializing or staying home with the family?
~I really am a home- body. I‘d rather curl up by the fire, with my children safe asleep in their own beds, and dogs lying at my feet, than be out on the town..
7. What's your all time favorite movie?
~It’s a tie between…Pride and Prejudice(w/ Colin Firth) and Immortal Beloved~
8. Do you sleep in your make-up or remove it like a good little girl every night?
~I definitely remove it.

9. Do you have a hidden talent or a deep desire to learn something that you've never had a chance to learn? What is it?
~I’d love to learn to sew properly. I‘m so mediocre at it. I’d also love to learn to knit and ball room dance-the foxtrot is where it‘s at for me.. A hidden talent? I am actually a decent singer, but I only sing occasionally in choir. I sang a solo once when I was 14. I was so terrified that I think it traumatized me forever. Oddly, I’m not shy, though and have little difficulty speaking in front of crowds, but singing in public is a different story.

10. What's one strange thing you're really good at?
~Blending Tea…

11. What first attracted you to your spouse?
~His long dark hair~

12. What is something you love to smell?
~Lavender, rain, and a perfume called Misha by Mikhail Baryshnikov. It’s still the most heavenly perfume fragrance I‘ve ever smelt.

13. Tell something about you that you know irritates people.

I get quiet when I should talk. I often am very passionate about something, but clam up when I really should stand my ground. I’m a bit too reserved at times.

14. When you have extra money, what's the first thing you think to do with it?
~I am quite conservative, but I’ll spend it on something that I‘ve had my eye on for some time, like a perfect hat!

15. Are you a silent laugher or a loud laugher? What makes you laugh the hardest?
~It really depends on the situation, but I’m usually a silent laugher. My children are always making me laugh and Keeping Up Appearances is a great show to watch when you’re blue.

16. Where is your favorite place to shop?
~The antique shops in Franklin, TN.

17. What's one thing you'd do more often if you had more time?

18. Are you a big spender or frugal?

19. Who is your favorite character of all time?
~Elizabeth Bennett~

20. Would you want to be famous?
~No. I love my privacy and solitude far too much to ever want to be a celebrity.



ChaChaneen said...

That was great fun and your right, we do have similar things in common! I'm going to look for your perfume, the name is intriging! Thanks for sharing in the fun!

...mmm... said...

Rebecca, not heard of that perfume before. I've always thought that Estee Lauder's 'White Linen' was incredible. Funny thinking that Mikhail would introduces such a lovely perfume.

Yes, totally with you on "Keeping Up Appearance." It is sooo funny. And, I am in fact finishing off the last of my Earl Grey as I read this too.

I so love these memes. I'd do it but just did one not that long ago and am not sure my blogging readers might be tired of me by now! but feel free to ask as i very much enjoyed learning more about you.
Always enjoy these. ...I think I could have well guessed many of your answers, actually.

Not seen or heard much about on "Immortal Beloved" though. Will hsve to add that to my list!

Rebecca said...

Thanks ChaChaneen, and you're welcome. It was fun:-)

Rebecca said...

I like white linen as well. It's a lovely scent. I don't think they make Misha anymore, but it was so intoxicating. He also makes a fragrance for men, or he used to.

Oh, Immortal Beloved is incredible. It's about the life and loves of Beethoven. Gary Oldman should have won the Oscar for that one. Here's a sample clip on youtube:

Polly Singer said...

I enjoyed the questionaire. I too was attracted to my husband's dark hair!