Tuesday, November 17, 2009


(Wearing "Elizabeth" with my friend Kimberly seated next to me-click on photo for a better view of the hat)

(The Nonesuch Kiss)

A while back, I posted about “The One that Got Away", the hat that I christened, “Elizabeth”. Well, I did track down the antique dealer and she was more than happy to send “Elizabeth” to me, packaged beautifully with a wonderful clear plastic form so the hat would keep it’s shape during shipping. After the arrival, I waited until the perfect time to wear ‘her’ and that time at long last arrived this weekend. The Tea Society made our annual lunch to Irish Acres and The Glitz located in a very small, quaint little hamlet called Nonesuch, Kentucky. This wonderful place is owned by sisters Jane DeLauter and Emilie McCauley, daughters of Arch and Bonnie Hannigan who opened Irish Acres 22 years ago. Jane, accompanied by her two-year-old border collie/shepherd mix Rudy, oversees the antiques portion of the facility - while Emilie is Grand Dame over the The Glitz.

The virtual wonderland is located in a classically styled two-story structure, built in 1936 and used until 1981 as an elementary school. After an extensive remodel, the building now contains 32,000 square feet of display space, showcasing “American and European furniture, glassware, china, crystal, silver, linens, dolls, jewelry, rugs, and decorative accessories." The cellar restaurant, the Glitz, offers some of the most delectable cuisine in the area. The meal begins with a chilled spiced apple cranberry refresher followed by an appetizer, entrĂ©e, and dessert. You can often find such wonderful dishes as Hungarian Mushroom soup( the best I’ve ever had), Seafood bisque, a chicken puff pie, brie en croute with sugar-coated grapes, beef tenderloin with a remoulade sauce, and for dessert, their signature dish, the Nonesuch Kiss. The latter being a concoction dreamt up in the kitchen of Emilie McCauley. She said that she longed for the taste of malted milk balls from her youth so began measuring, blending, and tasting until she created a meringue shell layered with jamocha ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, almonds and a cherry on top. And did we devour that delectable dessert? You bet we did! Along with some hot Earl Grey to nourish the soul.


steviewren said...

Love the hat! And lunch sounds delish. I've always been partial to the taste of malted milk balls myself. Yum

...mmm... said...

How wonderful. I could devour that chicken puff pie too, let alone the scrumptious desert! What a perfect place to go to. I enjoyed reading up on this place. A stellar experience indeed.

I'm glad, btw, you included the last time you posted on the Elizabeth hat as that reminded me about it. How great you got it! It's amazing.

ChaChaneen said...

Elizabeth took my breath away! She is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!! Rebecca - you did goooood girlfriend! Truly, it's lovely! And YOU look so pretty wearing her. Is your blouse dark purple as well? You and your

Your little gem at the Acres sounds wonderful and that dessert... ah to live for! Mmmmm

By the way, glad you enjoyed yourself at my birthday par-tay. tee hee

Charm and Grace said...

Oh my gracious... that Nonesuch Kiss sounds like something for me! I love malted milk balls, too, but this sounds better. I'll take some seafood bisque, too. MMMM... what a yummy day. I do love the Elizabeth hat... very queenly. :)


Rebecca said...

Thanks all...

Chachaneen, the hat and outfit are actually more blue than purple but the photo color makes them look that way.T