Sunday, November 01, 2009


The rains left and a wonderful cold front moved in, making for a perfect Halloween Night. The kids reported it was the best one yet. I never tire of watching them get so excited and getting so much joy out of trick or treat night... David only has another year left of getting to enjoy this, so he wanted to make the most of the evening and he certainly did. He got more compliments from the adults 35 and over than the kids. I suspect they took a trip down memory lane with his ensemble.

Oh, and the stairwell in the photos? Yes, it is the very one where some rather strange things have occured. Well, we have had a few strange things happen this week and something very strange happened last night at the top of the stairs, but I will save that tale for another time........

( Me with the kids just as the early round of trick or treaters were arriving)

(Katie as a bee)

(My son was really getting into the whole 80's rock star thing)

(David channeling his best Joe Elliott(Def Lep)...and yes, that was MY Union Jack shirt once upon a time:-D )

(We saw a beautiful double rainbow just before sundown)

( Me and Katie :)...


ChaChaneen said...

Ah how adorable and fun! My first thought was that your boy was a Jonas! He could pass for it in the first photo.

The buzz around town is that Katie was buz-eautiful! Great pictures!

...mmm... said...

Lovely photos! And very funny too--that 80's rock star outfit with mullet! hahahaha.

I'm looking forward to hearing what happened at the top of the stairs.

Betsy said...

Oh, these are fun! Sounds like you had perfect weather, too!

And that new dog on the sidebar...what a lucky thing to come live with you!

willow said...

Aww! I miss trick or treating.