Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Wedgwood and Johnson Brothers

German Pitcher

Wedgwood Patrician Tea Cup

After driving through flooding and horrid downpours of endless rain, my mother-in- law(Darleen) and I arrived in Glendale, KY Friday morning of April 4Th and began our weekend antiquing excursion. More and more primitive pieces seem to be finding their way into these shops and if I collected primitives I would be in 7Th heaven. Much to my delight, in my favorite antique shop, the former Greyhound Bus Station, I found 4 great Wedgwood Patrician cream ware tea cups and saucers, a Wedgwood platter and a small German cream ware pitcher with what looks to be a fox hunting scene complete with an elongated fox serving as the handle. This pitcher was just one of those pieces that when you come across you literally grab it out of a nagging fear that the person behind you might just get it if you don't act quickly. In the above pictures I have the Wedgwood tea cups displayed with my Johnson Brothers Harvest Time collection, the German Pitcher, and a close up of one of the teacups. More treasures to come in future Franklin posts.....


DeeDee said...

Hi Rebecca...I might say "I am pea green with envy"...love the Wedgwood ...white and fox scene..beautiful! I know the feeling about when you find something quite amazing and are in disbelief..I look forward to your other Franklin finds as well..Dee Dee

willow said...

Me too! Sounds like my kind of fun weekend. Lovely finds!! The pitcher with the fox handle is fabulous. Hope it didn't rain on you the entire weekend. Welcome back...the tea society was lonely without you!

Betsy said...

What a beautiful and interesting blog you have! Thanks for coming over to my site and introducing yourself and telling my about your nephew. I'd love to chat with your sister. Does she have a blog?
Nice to "meet" you!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful. You made some real 'finds'. I love the fox handle...I love all unusual handles, they add such whimsy to the pieces they adorn. Glad you were intrepid enough to soldier on through the downpours...you were well rewarded. These pieces all evoke thoughts of spring, and are perfect to display this time of year. Or any time, frankly. Your collection must be magnificent. I look forward to more pictures. Thanks ~!


Rebecca said...

Ladies, thank you...I really had a great time and even though we've only just recently met in the world of blogging, I saw so many treasures that would fit each of you to a tee! Isn't that funny? I would pass something and think, I could see that on DeeDee's blog or Willow's or Lavinia's...LOL!!!

You're so kind. No, my sister doesn't have a blog but I will send her a link to yours so that she can read your wonderful posts there and perhaps get in touch with you. I think this would be a God-send for her. And please, have a cuppa tea and visit my blog anytime. Did I read somewhere that you are in Ohio? Do you know Waynesville, OH? Great shopping spot!

Many blessings to you all and I've got to get busy getting some more photos online to post:-).....