Monday, April 21, 2008


I snapped a few pictures this morning of my spring favorites. I had to wait until the fog lifted but when it did I strolled out to the dew sprinkled garden and took a few pictures to share. Due to the position of the sun,I had to wait until the afternoon to get one of my old fashioned lilac. This lilac originally came from one that my Grandmother had. I took a 5 or 6 inch cutting and transplanted that about 3 or 4 years ago. Now, the lilac has reached around 7 feet tall. Tomorrow, I must get a photo of my wood hyacinths.


DeeDee said...

My oh my Rebecca...your garden speaks to my soul...The lilac was my grandmothers favorite flower as well...I'm not sure if I told you, she was from Kentucky..a little town called Irvington....long long you know the little town? Your flowers are just beautiful...thank you for sharing....Dee Dee

willow said...

Lovely, lovely photos, Rebecca. My bleeding hearts have just started to bloom today, too, and I am so excited. Your lilacs are gorgeous!

Rebecca said...

DeeDee, I didn't know that she was from KY. I'm not sure where Irvington, KY is located but there is an Irvine which is literally about 45 minutes east of us. Thank you for the kind comments about the flowers.

Rebecca said...

Thank you Willow! I adore bleeding hearts and love that they are such nostalgic plants. Mine actually gets a bit more sun than they require but they seem to thrive where they are and grow twice the size that the garden books say they are suppose to grow. I would like a white fringe variety so I need to go plant hunting:-)

The minute I pulled open the garden gate, the wind blew in the scent of the lilacs and it was so lovely. I just know there are lilacs and roses in heaven.

Blog Princess G said...

I love pansies... my grandma always told me they reminded her of little faces and I think she's right - they do seem so expressive.

As for lilacs, they're like catnip for me. I love nothing more than to bury my nose in their soft blossoms and.... INHALE.

Rebecca said...

Me too, blog princess...They're such fun to draw. Actually, I need to do some watercolor pansies..Hum...Thanks for sparking that needed creative nudge:-).

I think I'll cut some lilacs for the house in the morning...I love how they perfume the foyer..

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Lilacs! Thank you so much Rebecca. Lilacs have a special meaning for me....they were in full bloom at the time my daughter was born; and every year since then, I gauge the progress of spring by seeing if the lilacs bloom before or after my daughter's birthday. She knows this and now we both are on the lookout every year for this sweet, fragrant reminder of that very special day.

Your garden photos are beautiful; I like the bleeding hearts too; they remind me of lace, somehow; they are so delicately lovely.

Best regards, and by the way, something I've been meaning to tell you; I love the music on your blog. DeeDee's blog has lovely music as well; I must tell her too.


ZipZipInkspot said...

Oh, the lilacs, Rebecca, the lilacs! Pre-Raphaelite flowers, really...heavily fragrant, opulent, symbolic, nostalgic. No wonder you love them so.

Long may they bloom this spring,