Friday, April 03, 2009


Busy..Busy...Busy....These past few weeks have been quite hectic around here. Posts have been far and few between and look to be sporadic until April has passed. I've had no time to visit my favorite blogs and miss doing so, terribly. With family, school assignments, gardening, writing, tea business, AnTEAquity, and life in general, it's all a bit of a blur these days. I don't even have time to finish a drawing!

Alas, tomorrow brings lunch with the society members and an antiquing excursion. It's so nice to be with friends, doing what you love. I think this will be a perfect remedy for all of us.

Have a Happy weekend my cyber friends!


Janeen said...

I know the feeling my friend! I've been on blog hiatus last week and visiting my friends again today! Have a wonderful time with your friends today, make a memory!

Mmm said...

Ahh, my dear Rebecca, all is understood--I know exactly what you mean on all fronts. I am, in fact, finally catching up with peeps' blogs, having been gone for a while with work and stuff. Adn guess what? Drinking Earl Grey and loving it. Yum..

Marie Antionette said...

I miss you too,but I know what you mean. If I could visit everyone all the time,There would not be time for anything else, but I hate it when i can't,I've made so many friends,such as yourself.XXOO Marie Antionette