Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hello all! Is it just me or is life incredibly hectic for everyone at the moment? It seems that each week holds something even more demanding than the last, dictating where time and energy must be spent. With that said, I will be taking a bit of a hiatus from this blog throughout the summer and posting primarily only tea-related events and occasional recipes. The summer months look to be quite challenging for me with my artwork and a huge writing project that will require little time for the tea blog. However, I will still be visiting my favorite blogs and posting whenever I can. I look forward to returning to more regular blogging at the end of the summer.

Most Teafully,


Betsy said...

Aaww...we seldom see you as it is!
Hope you have a nice summer. But spring is just beginning...so have a nice spring, too! What's the writing project about? Hope you get to share it with us!

Patrick Lynch said...


It was quite a delight to meet you at last at the Paris Artwalk. I wish you the best on your art and writing projects!

kind regards,

Jammmie said...

Good luck to you Rebecca. I tried that but you know, I just missed all my blogger friends comments so her eI am again. But, needless to say, i hope you have a lovely summer and I will see you soon back here or on my blog. I've got to read your shelfari too--bet we have similar tastes in music.

Lavinia said...

Enjoy your hiatus dear Rebecca. I myself am straggling out of one just now....

I wanted to pop by and tell you that I recently made your "Impossible Vegetable Pie". You had posted the recipe a while back which I printed out but only got around to making it. I used cauliflower as the main vegetable and it turned out superbly. Thank you!

Janeen said...

Happy belated Mothers Day Rebecca! I understand your upcoming summer silence on the airwaves, life is busy isn't it?! I always look forward to your posts and what you'll bring after your hiatus is over. Have a great Saturday!

Kalianne@theBowerbird'sNest said...

Dear Rebecca,

Have a wonderful summer break. You'll be missed!


ps. thought you might like to know I've had my long hair cut into a cute chin length bob at last!

Jammmie said...

Thinking of you adn your blog. Hope you are well.