Saturday, May 28, 2011


I hope each of you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. It's been beautiful here in Central Kentucky and promises to be hot and sunny. I must confess, though I am a child of autumn, I am thrilled to have some sunshine and warmth after such a cold and rainy spring and later winter..We're actually expecting a high of 90 on Monday. As usual, we skip spring and go straight into summer.

Life continues to evolve and offers many changes. Some are very good, I might add, and others, only time will tell. With that said, I have decided that this will be the last post for the Ladies Historical Tea Society Blog. I will leave the blog up for the duration of the summer, if nothing else, for the music that so many of you have told me that you love. For myself, I intend to spend some much needed time with my family as well as in the art studio and in my beloved garden. The latter two mentioned have been sorely neglected and I must redirect my attention, specifically, to my art and keep it focused there. I want to take this time to extend many blessings to the wonderful followers and friends that I've made through the blogosphere. I hope you have a wonderful summer and I sincerely want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your support and kindness throughout the last several years. I have made some very dear friends, and I cherish each of you more than most of you will ever know.

Most Teafully,


Anonymous said...

Dear Rebecca,
Ah, sad to see the last post. There is so much going on in life that I am not surprised. But will miss your posts.


ChaChaneen said...

I agree, sad to see this will be your last post. Why not leave it up? Often when I google tea related themes or topics, blogs come up and I'm able to get the info I was looking for and your blog is a well of information my beautiful friend!!!

Have a lovely weekend with your family!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Natale and Janeen...

I will leave it up for a while. It's not quite the end of the Tea Society. Though, this will be the final year unless one of the members takes up the torch and continues with the group. I will be moving, leaving Kentucky, next summer so this final year will be a busy one ahead for sure.

I am so glad that the blog has served tea lovers. That really was my intent so I am truly humbled and thrilled by that! :)...

I will remain in the blogosphere with a re-structured art blog. I'm about to undergo some very intense Art "re-training", so to speak, and suspect I will be in the studio more often than not...It's time to really dig in the trenches there and embrace a goal I've set for myself.

Thanks again for your kind words...

rochambeau said...

Hello Rebecca and Happy Summer~
Hope we can stay in touch and take tea one day~
Tipping my cup to you! and wishing you my very best.

Mmm said...

Oh, my dear Rebecca, I'm so glad I caught this before you took your blog down! Not sure how I missed it, but the mere fact I did after all this time, says a lot, doesn't it? I too am not blogging much, other than my co-op!

"I will remain in the blogosphere with a re-structured art blog."
--Bu, How will we find out about this? :)

Let me just say publicly, how delightful your writing is, what a wonderful addition you've been to blogland and to the Christmas teas too of course. Thank you, thank you. You will be missed but here's wishing you the very best for your family in this new adventure.

P.S. I'll take with me the delight of knowing that there are indeed others Stateside who love Tea as much as I. :)