Tuesday, May 25, 2010


(Nashville skyline on a Sunday afternoon)

After several weeks of blogging about everything under the sun but tea, I felt it was high time I devoted an entry to something Tea-related since this is really supposed to be a tea blog. I had originally intended on writing a review about an incredible book that I got for Christmas but with a weekend getaway to Nashville ahead of me last week, I decided to wait until I returned to write about a place I’ve wanted to visit for the last couple of years.

This past Saturday afternoon, accompanied by my good friend, Kimberly, I ventured to a delightful Tea Shop called World Cup of Tea. The shop is, oddly enough, in a newer shopping center but it’s apparent from the charming flagstone path which leads to the front door that one should not be put off by the modern exterior. We were greeted with flags hanging in the window; the center one being a Union Jack, the others represented China, India, and other significant tea-drinking/supplying nations. As we approached the front doors, I knew instantly that I had to learn more about the owner of this charming Tea Shop.

Twenty-five years ago Rosemary Staggs, owner of World Cup of Tea, experienced her first afternoon tea in England. As a result, she fell in love with everything tea-related. Since returning from that magical trip she embarked on her very own tea education and devoted countless hours to the study of tea. “Her accomplishments include the completion of Pearl Dexter’s Tea School and the Elmwood Inn’s How to Open A Tea Room Seminar, a level one and two certification from the Tea Association of the United States and countless other tea seminars. She has traveled to both India and China to learn firsthand about the cultivation and culture of tea. Rosemary has been published several times in Tea: A Magazine and hopes to continue her study for many more years to come. Though many may consider her knowledge of tea complete, Rosemary will always consider herself a student of tea.”(From WCT website)

The uniqueness of World Cup of Tea is that Staggs has created a global tea experience just south of Nashville, Tennessee. You begin your tea encounter at the wall of samples where each container holds a different blend. There is a lovely selection of white, black, and green teas as well as herbal infusions. The attention to detail at this shop is certainly to be commended as well. Staggs provides lovely personal touches which make this tea house warm and extremely inviting. During the week you may reserve your very own tea tasting with Rosemary but since we were there on a Saturday, we were unable to take part in that. Full afternoon teas are also available upon reservations or a box lunch tea which is what we elected to have.

(World Cup of Tea)

(The dark woods and warm golden walls of this place added a soothing serenity.)

(Kimberly, in all her maternal glow, savoring the various tea aromas at the wall of tea. )

(Tea table)

( We elected to sit at a low Asian influenced table. The entire tea shop is designed for a relaxed intimate tea experience)

Oh, and which blends made it home with us? Kimberly chose a heavenly aromatic jasmine blend while I selected Czar’s Samovar. The Samovar is a fragrant fruity blend of rich China, Ceylon, and Nepal Black teas with sweet currants. This tea brews a deep, coppery color with a long, lingering aftertaste.

So, if you find yourself in the Nashville area, make the journey to Franklin/Cool Springs and spend an hour or two at the World Cup of Tea. It’s a must for any tea lover and a place I am certain to return to again and again.


Queenmothermamaw said...

Wow that must have been some tea house. The pictures are great. Did you see any flood evidence? That is all I have heard on the news about TN.lately. great to hear from you.

Rebecca said...


It really was delightful. Kimberly lived in Nashville for awhile so she can navigate pretty well around that area.

There's also the Savannah Tea Company there that I need to check out.

You know, we didn't see any flood damage at all where we were. I think East Nashville was supposed to have been hit really hard and we were on the West end, and in Franklin. The Franklin antique shops around Margin street were fine, too so that was a relief.

ChaChaneen said...

AH, such a lovely experience you enjoyed! I thoroughly felt like I was right there with you the way you explained it. Thanks so much for taking me along ~ wink!

willow said...

Czar’s Samovar sounds so exotic!

Zuzana said...

Oh, what an incredible interior. What a lovely place, I am sure the aroma there must bee out of this world. Interesting history behind the place too.
Although I am not a tea drinker, I do love a great cup of tea now and then. My favorite used to be an herbal mix purchased at a Eco-farm in Sweden, made of wild flowers and herbs.;)

La Petite Gallery said...

I go along with Willow, The Czar's Samovar sounds Fabulous, as I used to have a 1900 brass Samovar from

Bachelor said...

Looks like a fun place...have a great Memorial Day Weekend!
:) The Bach

LadyCat said...

Looks like a great place and you know how much I enjoy tea. Thanks for stopping by. I've been having a blogger's block lately and taking a small break until the inspiration hits me and things slow down a little. Have a great Memorial Day weekend! We will be ahving the kids and grandkids visiting.

Rebecca said...

Yes, the Czar's Samovar is bliss in a cup. And of course I thought if you, Willow, when I read the title:)...

Zuzana, the scent was heavy, somewhat Eastern, aromatic, exotic, and divine.

Happy Memorial Day to all of you:)
Have a wonderful weekend...

Our Porch in Hillsborough said...

I'm going to be in Nashville later this year and have added this to my list of places to visit - it looks so inviting. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.
Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Rebecca said...

Oh,good, Leah!

So glad to hear that. You'll love it there...And do yourself a favor, try the Czar's Samovar:).And, If you go during the week, you can have the tea tasting with the owner.

Mmm said...

it certainly looks like the insides are a lot better than I could have feared from their horrid website design (Talk about leaving a poor first impression!) As it is though it is so charming. Yes, totally agree about the warm colours and so forth. that table looks good too. Love the one with the couch there to lay back in gentle repose. how fun is that?

Yes, btw, wonderful to have a tea blog entry again as well.

Rebecca said...


Yes, yes... I know. Not the best web design. Good thing I saw the shop a couple of years ago before seeing the web site.. :)

I don't know why they don't have photos of the interior on there as it was so lovely and serene.

Charm and Grace said...

What a lovely post, and a lovely outing for two friends to share. I like photo of the tins on the magnet wall. Wish I could smell all the wonderful aromas!