Wednesday, March 17, 2010


(For a wonderful dramatic reading of St. Patrick's Breastplate click here )

( In honor of my Irish O' Colmain (Coleman) maternal side)

( Drink lots of real green tea- Barry's Irish Breakfast of course! )

Wishing all of the friends and followers of the Ladies' Historical Tea Society a very Happy and Blessed St. Patrick's Day.


La Petite Gallery said...

Marvelous post I love the music.
I am Irish, and have been there.
Enjoyed the post.


LadyCat said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Rebecca! The Barry's Iris Tea sounds good. Thanks for the info on St. Patrick...very interesting.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

A most happy wearin' of the green to you!

Queenmothermamaw said...

I have some of that tea. I am going to fix me some right now. I need something to suffice for the lack of sunshine in my neck of the woods. Nothing but gray skies for three days. Blessings Becca

Mmm said...

I was at kitchen place today (buying gifts for Bach) and saw someone stock up on about 5 cartons of this Barry's tea. I had to laugh. I hadn't even realised it was St. Pattie's until i saw all the green on--Hispanic people too. LOL. A very bizarre holiday here i think. In fact I have a coworker whose parents both immigrated from the Republic of Ireland in the early 1970's when they are n their early 30's and they have never even celebrated St. Patricks as they too find it so un-Irish and unusual, although, of course, now Ireland, like elsewhere has got so Americanized that much of the new traditions have been imported but still not sure if they drink green beer yet? Hmmm..

As it was I wore green (by accident) but immediately took off my jumper when I realised what day it was as I actually don't even have a drop of Irish in me, unlike everyone around here it seems. I wondered then, if people wore red for English blood/heritage--1. would they? and 2. how many? I suspect it would a be ALOT but I can't really see that ever taking off to such an extent as the green here.

Lovely picture btw and a great link! Happy St. Pattie's to you too then! :)

Rebecca said...


You're right about it being very Americanized. My Irish friends tell me that in Ireland it's celebrated more as a Holy Day as opposed to in America where it's celebrated due to lineage( Ellis Island immigrants.etc...It's huge in Boston and Chicago, too)...

I love the idea of wearing RED for English heritage..Then again, I would, wouldn't I? Of course instead of drinking Guinness everyone would have to drink tea all day:)... I like the sound of that!

Happy St. Patrick's to you, too!

ChaChaneen said...

Happy belated St. patricks day to you!! I've had a cold this week so my reading mojo is still off. Going to try to get caught up this weekend. Lurved your pictures here, so pretty as usual! Blessings!

Bachelor said...

Wish I had a cuppa Barry's! Hope you and yours have a great week!
:) The Bach