Tuesday, September 08, 2009


As most of you know, we recently lost our 14 year old Sheltie, Lizzie. We mourned her loss so deeply and still feel such a void that nothing can fill that. Not long after we lost her, I received an email from the lady who runs the Shetland Sheepdog rescue where we adopted Lizzie. She knew how special Lizzie was and how much we loved her. I had sent her a note about Lizzie and thanked her for bringing her into our lives. She then sent a kind reply and within it she told me about a very special bi/black Sheltie puppy that she had on her farm. She wanted to know if we would like to meet him. Being a two dog family, we knew that we certainly wanted to bring another dog into the family, we just weren't sure that we wanted to so soon after losing Lizzie. She told me that she would be in town on a Thursday and asked if we would like to keep him for the weekend. I guess since she knew us and that we had been "vetted" long ago with Lizzie that we were trustworthy. So, I agreed and we prepared for our house guest. It is important to note that I have had puppies in the past but my husband only briefly had one as a child and was not used to them. He was a little reluctant because of this but wanted very much to meet him. We then bought the appropriate puppy food and some chew toys. Our little guest arrived on a Thursday evening and needless to say, he didn't leave. I signed the adoption papers the proceeding Monday, last Monday in fact. I think she knew how much we would love this little boy and we certainly do. He won our hearts from the moment she carried him out of her truck and brought him into our parlor. Tara still lets us all know that she is Queen Bee but she loves having a companion that can keep up with her. Shadow, the cat, has learned to live with another "intruder". We decided to name our sweet little boy, Bailey- short for Baileys Irish Cream. We've been truly amazed by the bond we've developed so quickly with him. It feels just as it did with Lizzie and with Tara- That he has always been here and that he has never known any other home but this one. I somehow think that since Lizzie had had at least one litter of puppies before we adopted her, that she would very much approve of us welcoming Bailey into her family.


ChaChaneen said...

Aaaaaaaahhhhh! Welcome to the family Bailey! What a fun post to visit, you made my day and I am happy for your family.

...mmm... said...

Good luck with all that. Sorry to read of your loss. It is soo hard losing one's pet.

...mmm... said...

Sorry to read of your loss. Losing one;s pet is so awful. Good luck with the new addition!