Friday, February 13, 2009


The Victorian's were great believers in symbolism and few jestures proved this more than when receiving flowers. Given that Valentine's Day is tomorrow, I thought it appropriate to include a sampling from The Language of Flowers. Whenever a Victorian lady received a lovely bouquet or even a single flower, she could decode the hidden meanings of the flowers sent to her by her suitors.

The Language of Flowers

Carnation- Fascination

Chrysanthemum- Friendship

Daisy- Loyal love

Orchid- Love and beauty

Lily- Purity and sweetness

Red rose- Romantic love

Pink rose- Secret love

Yellow rose- Friendship

White rose- Innocent love

Rose, Yellow & Orange: Passionate thoughts

Forget-me-not- True love

Baby’s Breath: Happiness

Lilac, Mauve: “Do You Still Love Me”

Honeysuckle - The Bond of Love

Ambrosia: Your Love is reciprocated

Camellia, red: You’re a flame in my heart

Camellia, white: You’re adorable

Forget-me-not: Faithful Love, Memories

Hibiscus: Delicate Beauty

Hyacinth, purple: I am sorry, Please forgive me, Sorrow

Oleander: Beauty and Grace

Periwinkle, White: Pleasures of Memory

partial list and vintage photo found at Art of Manliness


Barb said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Betsy said...

Beautiful flowers with lovely sentiments! Hope you have a love-filled Valentines Day!

steviewren said...

Very interesting! Too bad tulips weren't listed. I was surprised with a flower delivery today from my son. I almost cried. Too sweet. Whatever he meant I am thrilled.

Happy Valentines Rebecca!

Lavinia said...

Rebecca I have a book about this very subject. I wish the meanings of all these flowers were still in practice today, although I know that yellow roses do remain popular as "friendship" bearers.

Lavinia said...

Forgot to add that your first image is incredibly romantic. I like that near-swooning with love expression on the young lady's visage, and the dog with the cute ears....

Mmm said...

Well Rebecca, I'm sending you then virtual Lilies with baby's breath, a yellow rose in the middle and Hibiscus nestled in there too.

Enjoy your V. Day!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Barb and Steviwren...

The same to you....

Rebecca said...

Lavinia, I love books like this..-denfinite must-haves...The sweet collie reminds me so much of Lizzie that I had to post this! And yes, the woman's love-lorn expression is so sweet...

Rebecca said...


I posted your floral delivery from me on your blog...

Thank you so much...The flowers are lovely:-)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I always keep a vase of white lilies in my den and the scent they share is indeed pure and sweet. Such a lovely list. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine weekend!