Tuesday, January 06, 2009

BOOKS...BOOKS...and more BOOKS!

The Essential Tea Caddy

'Your Tea-Leaf tho' never so good when you buy, will lose itself, being of a very volatile Spirit, unless carefully preserv'd in Silver, Pewter, or Tin Boxes, shut close from the Air; and above All, kept from the Damps, and Neighbourhood of strong Scents, whether sweet or offensive.'

From A Treatise on the Inherent Qualities of the Tea-Herb, Compiled by a Gentleman of Cambridge 1750~

If you've been perusing some of my favorite blogs of late then you will no doubt notice a certain theme going round. This would be one of literary treasures and of receiving the wondrous gift of books. It is truly a delight to receive such a carefully selected item. When someone chooses a topic that they believe fits your interests and personality that shows that they have spent more than the proverbial five minutes on a gift card or certificate. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't enjoy receiving gift certificates, I do. However, It's just not the same as a personal selection just for you.

My birthday was in November and I received a delightful book from my Inlaws. It is called The London Ritz Book of Afternoon Tea. For anyone who knows me, they would know that this book has almost everything that I love like; a recommended Tea guide, vintage illustrations, delectable recipes, and wonderful literary quotes about tea. The only things missing are bone china selections, gardening tips, and Greyhounds..If it contained information on them, then it would truly be the perfect book.

Below is a wonderful description of this enchanting book( from the book sleeve). I highly recommend anyone who has more than a passing interest in tea to add this little treasure to your library.

Afternoon tea is the English meal-time institution, a social as well as a culinary event.

It is precisely this atmosphere which is embodied in the Palm Court Tearoom at the Ritz in London, which for many years has been one of the most delightful and traditional places to take tea.

The London Ritz Book of Afternoon Tea captures the essence of this traditional British occasion and provides the reader with all the Ritz expertize in the ceremony as well as over 50 recipes, illustrated with passages from Dickens to Oscar Wilde and charming drawings.

About the Author
After five years at Oxford, where she gained a M. Litt. degree for a thesis called Unreasonable Laughter in Restoration Comedy, Helen Simpson won the Vogue Talent Contest. The next five years have been spent working at Vogue, writing about travel, shops and food, as well as interviews and fiction.


Mmm said...

Well, as you know, my friend, I could definitely get into this book too.

The only thing left is to actually get to the Ritz one of these days. Can you imagine what fun you could have their with one of your parties? What a delightful afternoon al would have.

You are right, getting books especially picked out for one is very thoughtful. I didn't get any over the hols but bought myself some in the discount rack! No tea books, but one on gardening and one on the English.

Rebecca said...

Oh, MMM, You would love this book..

Tea at the Ritz! Does it get any better?

I thought of you immediately when I came across the section entitled, "The Club Man's Tea." It suggested a hardier Gentleman's menu with a nice hot savory( I almost always serve one for the ladies, though.) The book also suggests the men may enjoy: Potted Shrimps, Scotch Woodcock, English Rabbit, and Devilled Ham Toasts. All of this accompanied by "pints of steaming Assam Tea"..

Janeen said...

Ooooh it all sounds delicious! Hmmm, I'm gonna check for a copy at the bookstore! Thanks for sharing!

willow said...

I'll have to see if my library has this book. I looks wonderful and SO Ladies Tea Society!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Yes, there are a lot of us book lovers sharing our recent book presents, aren't there? What fun! And this one definitely sounds like a find!! Thanks for sharing!

Mmm said...

Oh that is funny, REbecca. I would no doubt pass on the food suggestions, but hey, someone is thinking of the other half her which is very good!